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"The things taught in schools and colleges are not an education, but the means to an education." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, February 26, 2012


There is exciting work being done in our district.  We have just announced the launch of Imp@ct Academy .  This is our version of a full time virtual learning program.  With this first foray into full time enrollment online learning, our district is poised to meet the individual needs of a large segment of disruptive innovators.   We have decided that our best option that meets the needs of most kids is provide the opportunity to live in a blended world where students can take part in their education and academics online while still being "allowed" to be full time students at their home school.  Through Imp@ct Academy, students enroll in those classes that they want to meet core requirements, electives, and other academic requirements.  This isn't new and their are numerous examples of online academies throughout the state and nationwide.  Imp@ct is unique in that we make it a program of choice and not a stand alone charter or virtual school.  That allows students to participate in extracurriculars, athletics, and even some choice face to face instruction while taking the majority of their classload online.  It is really about giving students and parents the opportunity to begin to tailor their instructional journey to their needs and desires.  Bundling Imp@ct with the Academy for Advanced Studies and what it will become over the next two years means that students in Henry County now have the option to learn in the ways that work best for them, while taking a rigorous course load that will prepare them for college and careers.  It a break through for public schools to be flexible, creative, and customizable.

We are blending F2F options with online options and allowing students to change the game for themselves.  Now, you can play soccer at your home school, take 4 core courses online, take band at school, and then head over to the Academy for Advanced Studies to complete your pathway for culinary arts.  Its an open campus model, a customizable educational model, a way to make learning work for kids and it is the right work.
It is so exciting to be in the midst of this game changing work where we design systems and programs that allow students' needs to be met utilizing technology, creativity, and a devotion that learning is the constant. 

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