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Friday, July 9, 2010

Building Content

With money and funding being an issue, we have decided that building our own content is the most cost efficient way to implement online/blended learning.  I am beginning to wonder whether its really the best way to get teachers to use the technology. Our staff is becoming curriculum developers, technology developers, and the best at building content, but I am not sure that work is going to translate clearly into the classroom and using the technology because they will be tired and worn out.  Having content that you can adapt, adjust, and customize would be a better way than starting from scratch and having to build it up.  There are resources that are open source for some of it, but its tough to put together lessons that align with the state curriculum and make use of engaging, rigorous, high level work that kids can do both digitally and in the classroom.  The shift we are making is towards more personalized learning, but it is tough to build it from the bottom up.  Its become clear that the power of online learning is embedded in the quality production of good lessons, good units, and good work for students to do so they can demonstrate mastery.  Simply having a flash movie or a link to United Streaming or a good powerpoint with notes isn't enough. The kids have to work that requires demonstration of mastery.

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